Protecting Social Security Numbers

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What are the rules about SSNs?

Security Control RA-2 - Security Categorization - requires annual scanning of computers for SSNs and removal or approval of all SSNs stored electronically.

What tools are available for SSN scanning?

To scan systems for SSNs, Texas A&M recommends the following program.

Identity Finder
This easy-to-use, Windows or Mac commercial product can scan local drives, mapped drives and email. The license key for this product may be purchased from the Texas A&M Software Center based on FTE count. To use the product, purchase the license key and download the software.

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What should I do if I need to store SSNs?

If you have a business need to store SSNs electronically, you must submit an exception request detailing the business need and technical information about the system. For details or to submit an exemption request, see SSN Exemption Requests.